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Senior Care Tips for a Better Quality of Life

Senior Care Tips for a Better Quality of Life

With or without dementia and despite other challenges that come with aging, seniors can live to the fullest—productively, gracefully and with satisfaction. To achieve this, caregivers play a key role tending not just to their physical, mental, and emotional needs but making sure that they have a positive view in life as well.

A Senior Care in Hackensack, New Jersey lists the following tips:

  • Monitor and Treat Depression.
    Seniors can easily feel depressed with triggers such as bodily changes limiting their mobility, retirement, or loss of a spouse. Veterans Care can help with keeping an eye over your loved ones, especially to spot early signs of depression and act on it right away.
  • Remind the seniors that they are needed and loved.
    Everyone, even seniors with Alzheimer’s disease, want to feel loved and useful. It is a seniors’ greatest fear to simply be a burden to the family. In this case, give them opportunities to be a contributing member of the household appropriate for their abilities.
  • Encourage them to remain physically active.
    Exercise has huge benefits in all aspects of an individual’s health. With the physician’s approval, encourage them to engage in regular physical activities.
  • Stimulate their minds.
    Seniors need mental stimulation the most to retain or improve their cognitive functions and maintain their overall well-being. This can be in a form of brain games, such as crossword puzzles, Sudoku, reading, writing, and more.
  • Maintain their social ties.
    A healthy social life helps ward off seniors’ tendency to feel isolated, lonely, or succumb to depression. Help them maintain their connection to their families, friends, and community.

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