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Respite and Self Care: Essentials of a Caregiver

Respite and Self Care: Essentials of a Caregiver

Being the family caregiver is not only tasking but a great responsibility. Live-in caregivers are heroes. The challenge of taking care of the elderly is no joke.

As a provider of personal care in New Jersey, we understand that each caregiver is also facing their struggles. Caregiver stress can hit you anytime. When it is there, the slippery slope of caregiving can lead to drastic changes. That is why a caregiver needs to follow these self-care tips:

  • Eat healthy meals regularly.

    Caregiving can be hard for both the mind and body, hence keep them healthy. Eating nutritious meals can replenish your strength and can provide antioxidants to protect your health.

  • Stay hydrated.
    Keep in mind that it is not only the patient you are caring needs to be hydrated. As the caregiver, you need adequate water to help keep your mind clear.
  • Get enough sleep and rest.
    Making sure to sleep or rest is vital for your body to break from stress. Good sleep is also critical in keeping you in excellent health.
  • Ask for support. Know your limits.
    Take a break when you have to. Learn to accept a helping hand when it is being offered. Respite care is vital for caregivers to be able to get back on track and regain themselves.

Karma Care is a provider of senior care in Hackensack, New Jersey. We offer respite care which you can avail of. You can trust that your loved one is in excellent hands while you are taking your break.

We also offer veterans care and among the other line of services that we offer. To learn more about us, feel free to navigate here on our website. Contact us for inquires.

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