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Pain Medications — How Often Should Patients Take Them?


Whether you’re a recovering surgery patient or you’re someone who suffers from chronic pain and discomfort, you may still wonder if you should take pain medications as prescribed by your doctor. With so many reports and debates highlighting the issue of opioid and painkiller addictions, it may seem reasonable to you to modify your dosage to avoid falling into the same trap.

You may be thinking, “My prescriptions say I need to take my meds every 6 hours, but if I don’t feel any particular pain or discomfort, should I still take my medicine as prescribed?”

The answer to this question yes.

Your healthcare provider has undoubtedly made a careful decision about how much pain medication you should take and how often. Your job is not to revise that plan but to follow it as prescribed.

As a professional provider of senior care in Hackensack, New Jersey, we at Karma Care have had many experiences that involved patients either purposefully changing their doses or completely forgetting them.

Thus, to ensure that they are safe and take care of, we provide professional personal care in New Jersey through the help of trained and skilled live-in caregivers.

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