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How to Handle Alzheimer’s Disease Positively

How to Handle Alzheimer's Disease Positively

There’s no proven cure for Alzheimer’s disease yet. However, the health condition can be handled positively with the help of a dedicated, hands-on, and compassionate provider of senior care in Hackensack, New Jersey.

With the following practices, you can help your senior with Alzheimer’s in maintaining sharp and active mental skills:

  • Follow what your seniors love
    With minimal assistance, do what your elderly loved one is passionate about. Let them draw if they feel excited about doing it. Help them in cooking and preparing meals the way they always wanted. With the help of personal care in New Jersey, go shopping with mom if she likes to buy groceries.
  • Live a simple day-to-day life
    The more you complicate things, the more your senior gets confused. You have to follow the regular meal routine that they are used to. Make sure that they practice personal hygiene and good grooming. A veterans care provider can help in ensuring that your senior with dementia is living their chosen lifestyle with freedom.
  • Get help from a dog or cat
    Yes, your furry friends bring a significant amount of relief and joy to your loved one. Senior care in Bergen County considers pet therapy as a vital component in handling Alzheimer’s disease. You can’t imagine how a dog or cat can alleviate the mental and emotional challenges that your elderly encounter.

If you have more inquiries, feel free to contact our specialist here at Karma Care. We see to it that your seniors with dementia achieve a better quality of life. Contact us today!

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